[color=#ff0000]lmmunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer

High-efficiency & Accuracy
Advanced Fluorescence immunoassay.
Real-time Testing
Results in about 2-15 minutes after sampling. Results in 5 seconds when multi-item testing after cards inserted into the analyzer.
3- 7 Inch Touch Screen, User-friendly Interface and Simple Operation
More user-friendly interface with Android system inbuilt
Inside and outside mode optional depends on customers' demano Special code scanning identification.
Data printing and uploading automatically.
Wide Applications, Small in size, light in weight and lithium battery inbuilt supporting its running in many environments
Comprehensive Detection Items for Diseases Management
More than 10 matching reagents covering Cardiac, Inflammation, Renal function and Diabetes care etc.
Application Departments
The analyzer can be widely applied to many clinical departments as follows:
• Cardiology Dept.
• Oncology Dept.
• Gynecology Dept.
• Clinical Laboratory.
• Nephrology Dept.
• Respiratory Dept.
• Emergency Dept.
• Pediatrics Dept.
• Gastroenterology Dept.
• Endocrinology Dept.
• Urology Dept.[/color]
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