Primo Radial Shockwave EMS 560
Primo Radial Shockwave

EMS 560

Shockwave therapy is a controlled wave of mechanical energy to improve yourpatient’s musculoskeletal mobility and for the provision of drug-free pain relief.It is a safe, non-invasive and fast non-surgical method for treatingsuperfi cial orthopaedic conditions. The Primo Shockwave deviceprovides that energy through an electromechanical processas opposed to compressed mechanical energy, therebyproviding a more comfortable patient experience. The unit includes a number of recognisedtreatment suggestions for a range of commonpatient conditions. There is also the option tosave personal set ups and as always the systemis simple and intuitive to use.

• Energy levels from 60-180 mJ (equivalent to 1-5 bar)• Pulse frequencies 8-22 Hz• Burst mode for trigger point treatment• Positive and negative shockwave counter• Option to pre-set number of shocks delivered during treatment• Total treatment energy displayed• Colour touchscreen technology• Preset treatment suggestions for common injuries• 16 user defi ned treatment suggestions
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