Primo Combination 860
EMS 860 
Primo Combination 860

The Primo Combination 860 offers dual frequency
ultrasound (1 MHz and 3 MHz) and the complete range
of stimulation outputs that can be used individually

or simultaneously in combination therapy.
• Colour touchscreen technology
• Dual frequency ultrasound
• Stimulation outputs: two and four pole
interferential, Diadynamic, TENS, Sinusoidal,
Galvanic and interrupted Galvanic,
Faradic, Trabert, Medi-Wave, Russian
& Microcurrent output
• Diagnostic feature to help locate
difficult to pinpoint lesions
• 14 treatment protocols: same as for
ultrasound and stimulation units
• 2 independent output channels
• Operates in conjunction with
EMS vacuum unit if required
• Mains powered as standard,
optional battery available
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